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Best Teen Reads, March 2022

 These are all teen books finished between mid to late Feb and mid-March, and again, I focus on the positives, so no mention will be made of books I found lacking or disliked. This anthology includes short stories, essays, poems and art  from 30 contributors, including well known names like Sharon Draper and Nic Stone; as well as essays and poems from well known historical figures.  The art is gorgeous, and one of them, "America Doesn't Love Me Back" by Floyd Cooper is also on the cover.  The words and art work together to remind us that Black Lives have ALWAYS mattered, just not always to everyone.  I love that as emotional and insightful this collection is, it works with a variety of ages and maturity levels; that includes the art.  This was a truly outstanding book.   Booked is another story in verse from Kwame Alexander.  This story focuses on soccer, friendship and family as 12 year old Nick learns the power of words while also wrestling with problems at home.  He de

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