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Were-animals & Shape Shifter Stories

 We are talking about were-animals and animal shape shifters (as there are those who shift magically); and if you want to listen to the podcast there is the link: alchemy of genres Starting off with a funny, magical manga; wherein the individuals have been cursed to shape shift into one of the aspects of the Chinese astrology chart when embraced or touched by a member of the opposite sex.  This is discovered by one girl who goes on to befriend most of the strange clan of affected people, so readers are brought along and learn about it all alongside her. Very silly, very fun, you should try it. Willingham's Fables series (as well as his spinoffs) have various shapeshiting elements; the most famous one would be the Big Bad Wolf, who can be a man or a wolf (or a wind); and who serves as the Sheriff for the individuals living in their small area of Fabletown, as well as those living on The Farm.  All denizens of Fabletown have come here through magical means from other realities and ar

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