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Podcast #2: Romance as Fantasy (aka guilty pleasures)

Since this blog is associated with a podcast (expanding it or just reiterating it for those who don't enjoy podcasts; I wanted to include the link

So, how does a blogger who writes about & reads primarily Fantasy & SciFi end up with so much knowledge about romance novels?  Well, because I too was a starry eyed teen once upon a time in the dark ages of the 80's; and I started reading them because my mom was.  I think I liked them at that age because I still believed (or wanted to) in a Happy Ever After (I mean what teen doesn't?) but they were also short and quick so they were the perfect fix after many hours reading boring required high school stuff.

Now, why am I classifying romance as a fantasy?  Well, not to sound jaded and bitter (though I am definitely no longer a naive 14 year old); but the idea of romance as sold to us through books and movies kind of IS a fantasy.…

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