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Intricate and Immersive Worlds in SF & Fantasy

If you want to listen to the original podcast it is
The focus this time is on long running series' or intricately built worlds with depth and fully developed systems/relationships/rules/laws.  These will not be urban fantasy novels as those are based on our reality with a bit "extra' and not wholly new worlds created out of imagination.  As I have struggled with how to write up the information for this podcast, I have elected to just encourage you to explore the titles based on descriptions from the podcast.  It is a lot to write up.  I have also discovered that some series may not have aged well (specifically Edding's Elenium series when I revisited it, found some definite issues that I didn't remember from my original reading 10 years ago).
Here is a simple list of the worlds/authors discussed.
1.  Shannara Chronicles by Terry Brooks.  Four Lands (name of the world, Shannara…

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