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Exploring Short Stories

This time I have a selection of short stories, for teens and adults, that you may enjoy.  If you want to listen to the original podcast, the link is here:   Alchemy of Genres     Just like the podcast, I will only explain what KIND of stories are in the collection and maybe share a fav story or two.   Likely Stories is a collection of stories focused on those told around the bar, Diogenes.  All stories are told in graphic novel format.   Gaiman has shared stories in multiple collections, and this is no different; but my fav stories in this one are Feeders & Eaters as well as Foreign Parts. This is a quick read appropriate for teens and adults, though perhaps not teens who are squeamish. While I am not a huge George R R Martin fan, I did enjoy this book.  There is a great range of authors and different types of stories all featuring a "dangerous woman" but interpreted in so many different ways.  My fav stories in this collection were Hands That Are Not There by Melinda Sno

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